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Top 10 Cities For Finding a Job Right Now
Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Even while employment numbers have made great improvements over the years, it still has quite a way to go before it can actually be considered to be good and stable. Major cities and metropolitian areas usually seem like the best places for a job search. Healthy job numbers aren't always a reflection of a fruitful job market. Seems odd, but here's why...

Major cities can often be hubs for niche industries which can mean a limited market. Cost of living in metropolitan areas is typically high which keeps those who don't have the specific skill sets required for the jobs available to that area to continue their searches elsewhere.

Adecco Staffing U.S., a human resources firm, came up with their own determinations for areas that are the best for job seekers. They took a look at cities with the fullest employment reported by the Department of Labor and also their own job growth and demand data in order to create the ranking. They equally took into account factors like the city's industries, range in size of the companies offering employement opportunities, and the level of education among those who live there, and the cost of living.

Here is what they determined as the ten best cities to find a job:

1) Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Overall unemployment: 4.9% (Feb 2013)
Top industries hiring: Aviation, Aerospace, Logistics, Biotechnology
2) Bethesda, Maryland. Overall unemployment: 5.2% (Feb 2013)
Top industries hiring: Healthcare, Construction, Hospitality.

3) Austin, Texas. Overall unemployment: 5.3 (Mar 2013)
Top industries hiring: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Professional Services

4) Seattle, Washington. Overall unemployment: 5.5% (Mar 2013)
Top industries hiring: Education, Health services, Manufacturing

5) Richmond, Virginia. Overall unemployment: 6.2% (Feb 2013)
Top industries hiring: Manufacturing, Technology, Financial

6) Columbus, Ohio. Overall unemployment: 6.4% (Feb 2013)
Top industries hiring: Technology, Healthcare, Automotive

7) Jacksonville, Florida. Overall unemployment: 6.5% (Mar 2013)
Top industries hiring: Education, Healthcare, Information Technology

8) Grand Rapids, Michigan. Overall unemployment: 6.6% (Feb 2013)
Top industries hiring: Financial Services, Information Technology, Healthcare, Education, Engineering
9) Phoenix, Arizona. Overall unemployment: 6.7% (Mar 2013)
Top industries hiring: Leisure and hospitality, Construction, Financial Services
10) New York, New York. Overall unemployment: 8.9% (Mar 2013)
Top industries hiring: Retail, Technology, Financial Services
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